Foreign Market Growth Support Program

We are pleased to announce that our company, Event Stuff Ltd., has signed a Grant Agreement on 14 December 2023, within the framework of the Foreign Market Growth Support Programme, to diversify its activities and strengthen its presence in the foreign market (KNTP-2021-0020).The project is entitled: Expansion of a market-leading event management company in Central and Eastern Europe. Total amount of aid: HUF 1.513.323.747.

Event Stuff Ltd was founded in 2000. It and its team offer quality services tailored to the client and the occasion. We have more than 350 products in 7 categories: furniture, tents, fences, refrigeration, URH, stage and accessories. Event equipment rental, indoor and outdoor event venue furnishing and decorating, creative design and production of custom decorations, installations, exhibition stands. Our company’s equipment fleet is the market leader in the domestic event market. In order to maintain this leadership, it is under pressure to grow, which we aim to ensure in the long term in a sustainable manner. Serving an increased customer base can only develop successfully if we diversify our activities. In the course of our operations, we receive a large number of orders for manufacturing processes, which are now being carried out for us by subcontractors. We would like to keep these manufacturing processes in-house, as this saves time, extra design and delivery costs and eliminates risk factors from our processes. As a first step in this investment concept, we are setting up a new production capacity and a new business unit in Szentendre, consisting mainly of folding office and washroom containers. The planned investment amounts to 297.577.193.- HUF.

In Romania, our company – Event Stuff Central Europe S.R.L – was founded in 2008 as a Romanian-Hungarian joint venture, with the mission to fill a niche sector. The initial energy invested has led to results in 16 years. We have the richest, most modern and diversified equipment in Romania. With an investment of 527.215.710 HUF in equipment in Romania, we aim to create unconventional venues or bold outdoor scenery.

unpredictable economic trends in recent years. The diversification into service and manufacturing activities will also help to reduce the Group’s exposure. As a consortium leader, we will lead and manage a European level of assets and expertise for our subsidiaries. The practical and theoretical knowledge transferred will raise to a higher level both our own and the Consortium members’ market operations, which would have remained a distant goal without the process of entering foreign markets. The investment in Serbia, worth a total of 2.202.969.712 HUF, consists of real estate development, the purchase of new equipment and the acquisition of an event tent, which is an absolute niche item for the region.

We plan that the income generated abroad will also increase the value of the Hungarian company, and the repatriation of the profits will also strengthen the value of the company and the Hungarian brand as a development result. As the Consortium Leader, we vouch for the results of both Consortium Members.

Budapest, January 2024